Bird Control Solutions

Urban Hawks provide Bird Control Solutions for many diverse industry’s and domestic clients.

We provide specialist bird control services that help you be rid of bird infestation problems that you might have.

With 23 years experience at providing bird control solutions we are best placed to provide a solution to your bird problem.

All birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 part 1.

This Act makes it an offence to kill, injure or destroy a nest or egg of any wild bird. A single bird or nest could seriously threaten your development.

However, there are exceptions to this rule.

When these exceptions apply, we are then able to place deterrents to the area in order to stop wildlife nesting and ensure they don’t continue to return to the area.

Bird Proofing 

The most effective way to keep birds off an area is by physically preventing access, referred to as bird proofing.

Our Pest Bird Control Solutions offer specific proofing methods which can be used, such as spikes, netting and wires.

These are the types of measures that we are able to implement in the area that is not only effective when deterring birds but is also an easy option to a frustrating and dangerous problem.

Urban Hawks Bird Control

Egg & Nest Removal 

Some species of birds live in colonies which can have thousands of individuals and hundreds of nests.

Gulls are one of the species which can nest in such numbers and are becoming more common in urban areas.

When conflict occurs with man measures must be taken to preserve health & safety.

Under The Wildlife and Countryside act 1981, it is against the law in the UK to kill, injure or destroy any bird, nest or their eggs.

Any persons found guilty of committing an offence can be sentenced to a custodial sentence and a substantial fine.

However, there are exceptions to this rule.

As trained and competent persons we can survey and advise the best course of action and undertake all works required to alleviate your bird issue.

We are able to implement colony control programs which will reduce issues associated with nesting birds.

Falconry Disruption & Dispersal Programs

One effective way of dissuading birds and other pests from habituating to an area is via the use of falconry.

As falcons and hawks are natural threats to Gulls and other birds, the use of Hawks in areas that birds use, then stops them from returning to the site and causing nuisance.

This method is exceedingly effective and one that we’ve used many times for our clients in the past.


Bird Dropping Removal & Disinfection

Guano (bird droppings) can present a very serious risk to health either via direct contact or via inhalation.

Birds carry a number of diseases which can be passed to humans via their droppings.

It is very important that anybody undertaking work to remove bird guano is trained and fully equipped to undertake the operation safely.

We will disinfect and clean areas contaminated with guano after a survey has been undertaken.

Bird Nesting Mitigation

With increasingly stringent Environmental legislation being enforced to protect our environment and wildlife, measures must be taken to ensure development projects are compliant with planning consents.

Urban Hawks have many years’ experience at providing bird mitigation plans for large construction projects.

We use a range of none lethal methods to ensure the risk of nesting birds does not negatively impact your development.

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Audio & Visual Deterrents

The use of any audio and visual deterrents in an area is another useful and effective method of preventing a flock of birds from gathering in the said area.

Lasers and acoustic scarer’s are becoming increasingly used to good effect.

We are able to install these in areas we feel would be most effective or within any areas where nesting is a particular problem.

These are also very good at being used as a supportive measure with other systems.