Bird Proofing Netting & Spike

Bird proofing is the most effective way at removing birds from a site. This is because when undertaken effectively it provides a physical barrier which birds cannot pass through to nest or perch on your site.

There are many methods available for bird proofing and whichever is most suitable for your situation is based on a number of factors such as structure, environment and budget.

Urban Hawks Bird Proofing

High Pressure nest sites

This is where a birds nest in high numbers on a daily basis. This causes high levels of guano and nuisance. The best form of control against this is exclusion. And in areas of high bird pressure this can be the only method of completely effective control. This can be undertaken via installation of netting, wires and spike systems. All of which are very effective if used in the correct situation. We have many years’ experience and great success at installing these type of systems. Contact us to arrange a survey and we will detail the best method for your problem.

Although in some instances these systems are not feasible due to type of structure or budget constraints. In this case we will advise of your additional options.

Medium Pressure perch sites

This is considered to be areas where birds regularly congregate and perch but do not nest.

Usually overlooking a food source or sheltered from the elements. In these situations bird proofing netting & spike, bird wire, repellent / visual gels, electric track systems could provide a cost effective solution.

Low Pressure sites

Occasional perch sites where birds return regularly and cause low level nuisance. These areas could benefit from cost effective bird gels or bird spike systems.

Before we undertake any proofing job we will disinfect the area, remove all traces of guano and nesting materials and finish with a final disinfectant. We ensure the area is left clean and safe as well as bird free.