Falconry Deterrent

There are many areas where for whatever reason bird proofing measures cannot be implemented. This could be due to the size or access onto a structure being inhibited or due to financial constraints.

Where birds become an issue at industrial sites, shopping centres, sport stadia, amenity areas or any other large area falconry bird deterrent programs can be a very effective method of control.

Hawks and Falcons are natural predators to most pest birds. This makes them ideal to scare away birds from areas where other forms of control are not feasible.

Urban Hawks Falconry

Hawks are perfect for working in urban and industrial areas as they like to move from perch to perch hunting prey just like they would in the wild. They can be used effectively internally and externally in areas such as warehouses, shopping centres and schools.

Falcons (Peregrine) are the fastest animals on the planet and a natural predator of Gulls. The sight of a falcon in an area immediately alerts birds to their presence and in some instances the site will be clear before the bird even takes flight. These birds are great for use in large open areas or over factor roofs which have nesting Gull colonies.

We will survey your site and provide a tailored program specific for your requirements which will reduce the issues associated with birds.

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