Grain Fumigation Silos & Stores

Grain fumigation is undertaken with Phosphine fumigation and has a exposure period of 14 days.

The commodity is covered with gas proof sheeting or silos are sealed to ensure gas cannot escape.

The fumigant is then maintained to penetrate deep inside the commodity.

After sufficient exposure time is achieved the fumigant will be removed. Gas monitors are used to ensure levels are reduced to below the WEL.

Once the area is safe for re-entry you will be issued with a gas free clearance and treatment certificate.

Fumigation leaves no toxic residues!

These areas can store thousands of tonnes of bulk food product for prolonged periods of time.

If adequate storage conditions are not maintained i.e. temperature and humidity a small number of insects can quickly multiply too many hundreds of thousands.

This can have major impact on the grain causing huge loses of quality and weight and of course financially.

Once the levels of insect infestation reaches high levels in these storage areas the only real option for control is through effective fumigation.

The fumigant will penetrate deep inside the product and eliminate all life stages of stored product insect and moth pests.

Urban Hawks Grain Stores and Silos

Grain stores and silos can present very challenging working environments for the health and safety of staff and to ensure effective fumigation it is essential that experienced operatives are used for this type of work.

We can also provide pre-harvest grain store cleaning and treatments to help reduce the risk of having an insect infestation once the commodity is stored.

Fumigill are full servicing members of the British Pest Control Association.

Our staff have many years experience and are fully qualified in all the areas of fumigation which we work.

We have been providing fumigation services to agriculture for 25 years and are experienced at operating in these environments.

Our services are provided throughout the UK from our central base in the North West, Merseyside.